Team Payouts

These amounts will be paid based on team count per division.
All Payouts are based on 5-8 person Open 8-Ball & 9-Ball teams.
Final placement will be determined as per the Official Team Manual
by Division Playoffs. High Points vs Wild Card & 2nd vs 3rd.
Winners play each other for Division Champion & losers play off for 3rd place & 4th place where applicable. Exception 4 & 5 Team divisions: High Points will have a Bye in the 1st round of playoffs and the 2nd place team will play against the Wild Card Team with the winner playing the High Points Team at Divisionals.
Round 1 of playoffs is on your regular night of play. Round 2 of playoffs (Divisionals)
will be on a pre-scheduled weekend shortly after the end of the session.
Teams that are past due any monies at the end of session will be disqualified from participating in Playoffs.