Tina Pawloski 

Tina Pawloski is an APA member from San Diego, Calif. She is a Skill Level 7 in 8-Ball and a Skill Level 9 in 9-Ball. Tina began playing pool in 1992 and has 8 years of experience playing in the APA.  After competing in a number of Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) qualifiers in 2005, she earned a spot in every WPBA Classic Tour event in 2006.  After spending a year on tour, Tina decided professional pool wasn’t for her and returned to San Diego and began playing in the APA again.  She has spent the past few years helping fellow members of the San Diego APA improve their game through instructional lessons.

Lesson 10: In Parting, My Greatest Tips for Playing Great Pool