The Best of the Rest Tournament is a one-day tournament that is open to teams that finished High Points in their division but lost during playoffs. Teams that tie for High Points are also eligible to participate. This is an additional opportunity to Qualify for the SouthSide APA Vegas Cup. This tournament will take place annually  after Spring session Divisionals. There is no charge & participation is optional.

Tournament Structure

  • Single Elimination team tournament with modified team race.
  • Team race is the best out of 3 (using the 3-point scoring system) in 8-Ball and a race to 31 (or 30 with 3 wins) in 9-Ball.
  • Since the team race is modified, the team skill level for 3 matches is 15 instead of 23.
  • No cash payout - qualifying tournament only.
  • The number of teams qualifying for the Vegas Cup via the "Best of the Rest" tournament in both 8 & 9-Ball will depend on the number of entries into the "Best of the Rest" and availability of slots in the Vegas Cup.

You were the best all session, you DESERVE a second shot at the Vegas Cup