There will be 2 qualifying events held. The 1st on 10/1/2022 and the 2nd on 11/5/2022 at Longshots. Each event will qualify 2 teams to this event. There is a $20 per person entry fee into the qualifying event.
*Top 2 teams Qualify for the Mid Atlantic Challenge November 18th & 20th at Q-Master Billiards.
*Regular 9-Ball rules apply.
*Each team match will be a race to TWO individual matches.
*Each team will rotate through their roster in the order on the score sheet throughout the event. ie. In the 1st match your team wins the 1st 2 matches, your 3rd player will then start for your team in the 2nd match.
*Combined maximum skill level of 15, only 1 senior skill level per roster.
*Must be on an active 9-Ball roster with 20 9-Ball scores played in the past 2 years. 
*$20 per person ($60 per Team).
*Modified Single elimination (guaranteed to play twice, not lose twice).