All players advancing to Las Vegas through Open 8-Ball, Open 9-Ball or Scotch Doubles will receive $600 per person to be used towards Travel Assistance to attend the 2016 Championships!

The SouthSide APA travel assistance structure will be changing for the 2015-2016 League Year. Instead of a 'team travel assistance' for each team qualifying for Las Vegas, there will be an 'individual player travel assistance' for each player that is on a team that qualifies for the National Team Championships, 8-Ball Scotch Doubles Championships, 9-Ball Scotch Doubles Championships or the Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles Championships. Our APA National Office is encouraging consistency across local leagues with respect to travel assistance we provide each player.
Therefore, any player that qualifies for Las Vegas during the 2015-2016 League Year in any of the formats listed above will receive $600.00 travel assistance. If a player qualifies on more than one team/format, they will receive the travel assistance for each team/format in which they qualify. This change will help ensure that all players qualifying for Vegas will receive travel assistance to help cover their hotel/airfare for their trip to play in the World's Largest Pool Tournament. This is an increase in travel assistance for 8-Ball Scotch Doubles, 9-Ball Scotch Doubles, Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles, Open 8-Ball Team & Open 9-Ball Team. 
Travel assistance will be paid to each individual player that qualifies after APA has received confirmation of airfare booking from the player. In addition, 50% of the team's roster must have also booked for the individual player to be reimbursed. If a player that qualifies for Las Vegas chooses not to participate in the National Championships, they will not receive any money as the money is for travel assistance, not a cash payout. If a player receives travel assistance and then does not go to Las Vegas for the National Championships, the player will be required to pay back the $600.00 to the league before the player will be allowed to resume playing in the league.
As always, we are proud to have to represent the SouthSide APA on amateur pool's biggest stage. It is you, the players, that have made this league successful. We thank you for your support and loyalty, and we will continue to seek out ways to better your experience as members of the APA. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at
Michelle Arrigo
League Operator
American Poolplayers Association
Southside Hampton Roads, VA